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Fitness encyclopedia: interval training: Fitness and diet group

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As you might guess from the name of the fitness category, interval training suggests some intervals in the training process. What are these intervals …

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As you might guess from the name of the fitness category, interval training suggests some intervals in the training process. What are these intervals? It is about the alternation of varying intensity (pace) of the exercises in one sport. Also, interval training may involve the alternation of high-intensity exercises with a short rest between them.

category interval training suggests

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This method of sports training has proven itself in the effective burning of body fat and is today recognized as perhaps the most effective. At the same time, a 20-minute interval training in performance is comparable to the classic hourly aerobic exercise, which means it is great in the case of a lack of time for fitness classes. In addition, the interval approach to physical activity provides excellent training of the heart muscle, improves blood circulation, increases endurance and develops the muscle groups to which the selected exercises are directed.

Due to what is achieved such high rates? The fact is that interval training is so exhausting for the body that it continues to recover for about 48 hours, burning calories and body fat along the way. So it turns out that doing sports primobolan acetate regularly, spending a lot of time on a lesson, but? exercising in a moderate mode, you can lose weight and a year, and by practicing interval training, you can get a noticeable result in a month.

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During interval practice, the pulse rate is kept at a level not lower than 130 beats per minute. It is at this pulse rate that the maximum calorie burning occurs. Reviews: Best Steroid Shop – Trusted Anabolic Source

In this case, newcomers can recommend a short intervals of high intensity alternate with a light load or comparable rest periods. Gradually, high intensity intervals need to be increased, and light load and rest intervals should be reduced.

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The interval training method applies absolutely to any exercise. For example, alternating fast How to increase testosterone in the body of men – Select Brands running with a slow one, you train using the interval method. The same can be said about riding a bicycle on hilly terrain, alternating fast jumps over a rope with slow ones, changing the pace of squats, swimming, etc. Any team game (football, basketball, hockey) where you are forced to perform interval training can either do as much as possible on the attack, then relax and carefully wait for the submission.

However, perhaps the most popular interval training is the anabolic steroids pictures Tabata program, developed by Japanese doctor Izumi Tabata. For this training you can SUSTANON 250 (Sustanon) – CRSSD ‡ Festival Fall \’19 choose any 8 exercises. It can be the same standard squats, pushups, twists, lunges, press with dumbbells. Try to choose the exercises in such a way that each of them is directed to different muscle groups. Each exercise at the maximum pace is to be performed for 20 seconds, then after a 10-second break at the same limit, the next exercise is performed for the next 20 seconds, etc. At the end of the 8th exercise, you can relax for 1 minute. And then in the same way, depending on the endurance, another 4-5 approaches should be taken. As a result, the whole program takes about 20 minutes.

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However, do not forget that before such an intensive course, at least a 5-minute warm-up is obligatory. Also, this training is dangerous to end abruptly. Therefore, in conclusion of the lesson at least 5 minutes, devote to stretching and breathing exercises. For practicing Tabata, there are special applications for smartphones that make it easier to count the time when doing exercises and breaks between them.

Other popular methods of interval training include the Waldemar Gerschler method, the fartlek, the fit mix, etc. The Waldemar Gershler is considered to be the ancestor of the interval training sessions. His method was to restore breathing after 2 minutes for 2 minutes, knocking the pulse to 120 beats per minute. Then repeat the races with two-minute breaks until 2 minutes is not enough to reduce the pulse to a predetermined level. Also, according to the Valdemar Gerscher method, the interval method can take distances of 200 or 600m. The maximum workout duration is 30 minutes.

As for the fartleck technique, which in translation from Swedish means “game for speed”, its essence consists in running a race. For this you need a partner. At the beginning of the competition, it is necessary to take a warm-up with him in the form of 5-10 minutes of moderate running, then run one or two kilometers for a race, and then go for a quick step and restore breathing. Before a quick step, if the landscape allows, you can still choose a site uphill about 200m and also run it in a race. The total training time is 20 minutes.

category interval training

The optimal frequency of interval practices is 3 times a week. Due to the high intensity, some trainers advise to practice at intervals of 1-2 times a week, and at other times choose other programs as fitness.

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Such training plans do not allow the muscles to get used to one type of load and due to this they allow to achieve maximum results in a short time. Successes in interval practices!

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