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back muscle exercises MUSCLE backs. 5 exercises ERRORS DESTROYING PROGRESS - YouTube

This video is about 5 isolating exercises that can effectively work out your back muscles. In addition to the technique and performance of each of them, we consider the errors that are important to know, so as not to negate their progress in training.

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1. Traction on the block from the top roller

To perform the first exercise, we need an expander or a handle, which we will fix on the upper roller of the block.

back muscle exercises MUSCLE backs. 5 exercises ERRORS DESTROYING PROGRESS - YouTube

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In this movement, many minor muscles can be involved in the work, but our task is to work in isolation by the widest ones. To do this, taking the handle or the expander, we fix the arms in the elbows and slightly tilt the body forward. Please note that how much we need to bend will depend on the attachment point, \ but the main rule here is that at the top point of the arm movement, the body will be almost in line. This point is easy to determine if you focus on your back work. Raise your arms enough to feel the full stretch of the broadest. From this position we lower them down, straining the muscles of the back, on the exhale \ and return to the initial position on the inhale.

Common mistake

It is important to keep the body straight during the movement and not to create twisting in the thoracic spine, because it creates an undesirable load on the spine and transfers part of the effort from the broadest to the secondary muscles.

2. Double wave with ropes

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back muscle exercises MUSCLE backs. 5 exercises ERRORS DESTROYING PROGRESS - YouTube

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Next we consider the movement, which loads almost all the muscles of the body at once. But we are interested in such an option, in which the back will receive the maximum load.

One of the broadest functions is to bring the hand to the body, and this is where we focus.

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We lower the ropes down with force and strain the muscles of the back. Breathe in on the rise of the arms and exhale when we lower them down.

Another plus of this exercise is that here in statics we are well loading the extensors of the spine, which stabilize the spine, and in everyday life and form our posture.

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3. T-bar lying

The movement that we will consider further has one big advantage for people who have problems with the spine, because in this exercise he does not get such Buy Real Steroids Online a load as in a barbell in a bend, and the broadest will be worked out no worse. In addition, it makes sense to use it and people with a healthy back, because in it we remove the generic viagra online load from the waist and can focus as much as possible on the work of the broadest.

We exhale when we tighten the neck to ourselves and exhale when we lower it.

Common mistake

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We remember that we try to keep the elbows close to the body during the entire time the movement is performed, because if we move them apart, the back surface of the shoulder will receive a large load.

4. Reverse thrust with TRX

For the next exercise, we will need TRX loops, which we take with reverse grip, that is, with our palms away from us and stretch them.

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We put one foot on the entire surface of the foot in front, and the second on the back step in order to regulate the load on the back and balance.

Further, on straight arms, we control it downward on an inhale and, straining the back muscles, we return to the initial position on the exhale.

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